December 2, 2019
Mind & Body
December 2, 2019

Mental Health

Mental Health Awareness Week

Myth Buster 1

  • " If one has any mental health problem or seeks help from a psychiatrist he is PSYCHIC / MAD/ INSANE"
  • According to Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, By the American Psychiatric Association there are "297" different types of mental illness.
  • And the vaguely, indiscriminately used words like PSYCHIC, MAD, INSANE usually refer to Schizophrenia which is only 1 diagnosis out of 297.
  • A medical student getting stressed because of nearing exam, unable to sleep, concentrate and continuously worrying.
  • A widow not able to get out of grief of losing her husband , crying and wanting to die herself.
  • A drug addict unable to stop using drugs and having uncontrollable craving making him put his entire life at stake.
  • A 65 year old grandmother failing to recognise her granddaughter, forgetting the way to bathroom in her own home.
  • A young beautiful woman who is highly critical of her bodily apperance and straving herself to zero figure.
  • A child of 9 who still wets the bed every night , is embarrased , gloomy and refuses to go school.
  • A highly sensitive emotional young woman, who feels abandoned if her boyfriend criticizes her or misses her call, gets angry easily and threatens to kill herself.
  • An apparently healthy man who has multiple bodyaches and is preoccupied with his health concerns, visits multiple doctors who say he is absolutely fine.
  • NONE of these people mentioned above are PSYCHIC or INSANE or MAD.

    They had deviations either in behavior, emotional control and thinking.

    Seeking psychiatric help to have

    -healthy thought process -healthy emotional processing -healthy behaviors

    should thus be promoted rather than continuing to suffer out of ignorance.

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