Mental Health
December 2, 2019

Mind & Body


Consistently done physical exercise on a daily basis has magical effects, not just on the body but the mind as well. Here is how it works.

  • Exercise releases Endorphins, which are endogenous happiness hormones and elevate the mood.
  • Exercise improves physical appearance, elevates the self image and increases the self confidence.
  • Regular exercise is a form of self discipline , it increases the belief in your abilities to persist in any task and complete it.
  • Exercising in an open environment, jogging tracks and gyms is an avenue to socialize, improve social skill, interact with people from different backgrounds and to build friendships.
  • Exercise is an excellent way to vent out , channelize negative emotions like anger.
  • Exercising with Music gives added Music therapy benefit which is again mood elevating.
  • Exercise is an excellent way to destress due to hectic life style and feel fresh and energetic.
  • Exercise is ' ME TIME' , thats the time one devotes for oneself. Its necessary for self introspection, self growth and reflection.
  • Exercise is an effective way to improve sleep related issues.
  • Exercise involves paying attention to your breathing, muscle tension, body coordination and hence improves the brain's ability to focus attention and concentrate.
  • And last but not the least, compliments one gets after losing weight or appearing fit are very positively reinforcing and boost confidence like anything.
  • So everyone out there, its never too late.START EXERCISING

    A healthy mind in fact resides in a healthy body.

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