Solitude by Dr. Priyanka Raut

Wings Of Freedom
December 2, 2019
December 2, 2019

Solitude by Dr. Priyanka Raut

  • Solitude

    Again the dreaded time came along

    Task was solitude that seemed so long

  • She was gregarious to say the least

    Affiliation brought her the finest peace

  • Laughter, songs and dance

    Narrations, confessions and chattering

    Hugs , embraces and cuddles

    Was all she thought life was meant to be

  • Solitariness seemed an obvious doom

    She thought she would perish soon

  • Until she stumbled upon her 'self'

    Which was a whole world by itself

  • The self was powerfully divine

    Thoughts so rich - a company unmatched

    Love and emotions of the purest kind

  • The folks around her weren't a requisite

    They were rather mere recipients of an outwardly exuberance

    Stemming from an unapparent sublime self

  • Solitude now wasn't a bane

    It was a joy

    The most blissful!!

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Dr. Priyanka Raut

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