• So at the gym that I go to, there is a young member who has Down's Syndrome. Always greets with a smile.
  • Is easily the highest functioning Down's syndrome person that I have ever seen.
  • Whats disheartening is the way the person is treated by the other members, including some trainers on floor - bullied, ridiculed, laughed upon and troubled for their own cheap sadistic entertainment and thrill.
  • Being kind and empathetic is such a rare virtue to find around.
  • For an adult to knowingly, purposefully trouble someone who is vulnerable, unable to retaliate and on top of it lacking any remorse is the worst level of morality.
  • If only people could start being kind to each other rather than praying, fasting, donating money, celebrating festivals, God would be happier.
  • #downssyndrome #beingkind #morality #bullying #antisocialpersonality #empathy #kindness #stopbullying

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